tunesxml2html is a Perl script that reads data from an iTunes Music Library XML file & generates a list of songs and playlists. can be run using Perl or, on Windows, using the tunesxml2html executable. The script should work on any platform that has Perl 5.005 or greater. The script requires an iTunesMusic Library XML file, which is readily available on Windows and Macintosh systems on which iTunes has been installed.

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tunesxml2html uses the same configuration file format as tunes2html. Please read the configuration file before using tunesxml2html. All configuration options are also available as command-line options, which override the configuration file settings.

tunesxml2html has a known problem when there are two albums of the same name. It may combine the albums into a single albums, marking the second album's tracks as duplicates. These duplicates are listed in a Dupes file whose name can be set in the configuration file. I am working on a fix. The workaround is to rename the conflicting album name in iTunes.

tunesxml2html's output is visible in two sample files included in this bundle:

As you can see in the samples, there are three sections in the output - "single artists" (one artist per CD), "various artists" (two or more artists per CD), and "playlists".

The tunesxml2html ZIP file contains:

Always use this script on a copy of the iTunes Music Library XML file!

0. Uncompress the ZIP file into a directory. (First use only.)
1. Edit the configuration file to specify the location where you'll put the iTunes Music Library XML file and where you want the output files. The default is the directory in which you have uncompressed the ZIP file.
2. Copy the iTunes Music Library XML file to the directory that you specified. You should be able to locate it using the File Find command for your OS.
3a.Windows users: double-click tunesxml2html.exe.
3b.Perl users on any platform: run from command line as perl
4. Two files will be built: iTunes.htm and iTunes.txt. Both will be in the location specified in the configuration file.
5. If there is a problem with file creation or reading the iTunes XML file, the program will print an error message. is based on by Joe Mallon.

Updated versions of tunesxml2html will be available at

This program and its components are distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or praise, please e-mail me at jmmallon at joescafe dot com.

Joe Mallon