Target Mass Appeal - Platinum Edition

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Media: 2 CDr
Time: 61:49, 58:23
Catalog: Digital Reproductions  DR 50191
Source: Audience (Original DAT Master)
Quality: EX / EX+
Date: 05-01-90
Location: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia

Track Listing

Force Ten  5:01
Freewill  4:05
Distant Early Warning  4:25
Time Stand Still  6:22
Subdivisions  5:34
Marathon  6:48
Red Barchetta  6:58
Superconductor  5:19
Show Donít Tell  6:50
The Pass  5:08
Closer To The Heart  5:13

Manhattan Project  5:12
Xanadu  6:52
YYZ  3:19
Drum Solo 5:01
Scars  4:53
War Paint  5:54
Mission  5:41
Tom Sawyer  5:53
The Spirit Of Radio  4:56
2112: Overture  3:22
La Villa Strangiato  4:07
In The Mood   2:06
Wipeout / Jazz Bass  1:02

and Reviews:


WOW! What a freaking bootleg this is!!! Not only is the hands down the best audience recording I've ever hear, this is right up there in every aspect with "Nuts and Bolts", "Animated", "Visions and Illusions", "La Villa Strangiato" and even "A Desperate Voice"!!! It stops just short of those (except maybe even better than La Villa!!!). If your wondering...this does blow "A Pass Through Mtn. View" out of the water in every single solitary way!!! Even with the UNBELIEVABLY phenomenal sound the story here is all about the performance. First of all the audience is simply on the verge fainting the whole show, they are just beside themselves with joy. The audience is the perfect mix here, they sing along with just about every song and you can REALLY here them on the following: “Freewill”, “Red Barchetta”, “Show Don’t Tell” (you can even here them play some air guitar!!!), “The Pass”, “Closer to the Heart” (! of course!, but you can even here them do the “ooooooooooooooo”, right before Alex’s solo!!!), “Tom Sawyer”, “The Spirit of Radio” (the crowd has a freaking aneurysm during it!!!), and in full voice on “In the Mood”! I know that makes you worried that it's distracting, it is everything but that! In my opinion it is the single best thing about the show!!! The sing alongs is very comparable in sound as when the crowd sing along to "Closer to the Heart" on "Different Stages". The only songs they don’t go bat shit crazy for is “Scars” (I don’t like it either) and “Mission” (great song, but poorly placed, at this point in the set list WE WANNA ROCK!). However, with the both of them the audience really gets into it during the songs. On one or two spots you can here the audience talking, but only between songs as far as I can here. The actual performance is just more than I can describe, it si! mply cannot get better!!! Its just so phenomenal. I noticed that each song was a few seconds shorter than on "Pass Though Mtn. View", why? BECAUSE THEY PLAY SO FREAKING FAST!!! WHAT A SHOW!!!

This simply could be my single favorite live album ever!!! Well, I’ve got it, its right here, you cannot give me one good reason why you aren't getting it! I guarantee if you don't like this bootleg its either because your deaf or really, really, REALLY stupid!!!

The Digital Dan:

An incredible audience recording, one that I would easily consider as the best of the tour.  This is taken from the original DAT recording of that show. One of the earliest known Rush audience shows recorded directly to DAT. So the sound is magnificent to say the least. Obviously no hiss, just perfect digital clarity. The band really gives Atlanta something to shout about.  The mix is great and all the instruments are distinct and well formed.  The performance is something to get excited about and the boys are really on cue tonight.  The only detractions from this show are a cut at the beginning of Scars and another one between La Villa Strangiato and In the Mood. Neither are critically detracting. This is another highly recommended recording.  Once again, many thanks to Ash for making this show available with the full blessings of the original taper.   As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.


I will say this up front. This is THE best Presto show in circulation...Hands down. I have "A Pass Through Mountain View" (DR release) which is a the only soundboard in circulation, but I would rather listen to this show. It is from a pure digital source and is probably one of the first DAT Rush recordings known to exist. The sound is phenomenal, very much like "Atmospheric". There are many versions of this show produced, but nothing comes close to this Platinum Edition. On a personal note, I attended this show which was my 2nd Rush concert and loved every minute of it. Also, I had a chance to meet the taper of this show in December 2000 and we "talked taping", and he KNOWS about taping shows!!!! I hope you enjoy this fabulous show as I will for many years to come. Lastly, a sincere thanks to Ash (Mr. Ozric!). This show is available ONLY through trading. If someone is trying to sell you cdrs of this, walk away and somehow get in touch with me. (APR 2001)

Will Collier:

I was reading over Ron's ROIO entry for the Presto show in Atlanta (1 May 1990), and noted the line: "Apparently, the crew is playing some kind of practical joke, since we can hear Geddy talk about it, but we donít know exactly what happens." Well, now the truth can be told... I was at that show.  I think Ron is referring to the "extra noise" during "In The Mood", followed by Geddy crying out, "Oh, my God!"  What really happened was, the opening act, Mr. Big, rushed the stage during the choruses of the "In The Mood" and shouted out "background vocals" along with Geddy.  Neil looked pissed, Geddy looked shocked, and Alex (naturally) thought the whole thing was a riot.  On the other hand, if Ron is talking about Ged's comments earlier in the show, "These guys are our road crew," etc., that was the point in the evening when a couple of very nubile young ladies in Playboy bunny outfits strolled onto the stage and toweled off the sweaty brows of Lerxt and Dirk (no, I'm not making that up--for all I know it happened every night, but Atlanta was the only Presto show I caught).  Just as a closing aside, that was quite a night for on-stage buffoonery.  During Mr. Big's set, Paul Gilbert (lead guitar) did an extremely cheesy bit with a portable electric drill and his axe.  At one point, he threw up the hand that was holding the drill dramatically... and the drill promptly got wrapped up in his hair.  He stood up on the stage trying wildly to extract himself, then had to run off-stage and get a roadie to chop the drill out of his hair.  Strange show.