Nuts And Bolts

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Media: 2 CDr
Time: 57:08, 73:20
Catalog: Audio Collections
Source: Soundboard
Quality: EX+
Date: 04-02-94
Location: Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin

Track Listing

Intro/Dreamline 6:39
The Spirit of Radio 4:54
The Analog Kid 6:07
Cold Fire 4:29
Time Stand Still 5:39
Nobody's Hero 5:03
Roll The Bones 6:09
Animate 7:27
Stick It Out 5:15
Double Agent 5:26

Limelight 4:39
Mystic Rhythms 6:05
Closer to the Heart 5:35
Show Don't Tell 5:20
Leave That Thing Alone (intro) 1:14
Leave That Thing Alone 4:50
Drum Solo 7:29
The Trees 5:18
Xanadu 10:29
Hemispheres: Prelude 0:22
Tom Sawyer 5:20
Force Ten 4:39
YYZ 5:04
Bravado 6:55

and Reviews:

The Digital Dan:

Well, I was quite surprised when I received this recording in trade. Another soundboard from the Counterparts tour seemed to be a little too good to be true. But Geddy identifies the location as Madison, Wisconsin before starting in with Cold Fire, making it abundantly clear. Definitely a better sounding show than the Critical Mass / Mystic Symphonies show as this source is in stereo. The show itself is one of the better shows from the CP tour, the band seems really up for the show. There are a few weird transitions between songs, the indexing is wrong for Xanadu / Hemispheres / Tom Sawyer, but this is definitely digitally sourced and is very clean. I wish there was more information about the recording, but the artwork will divulge no secrets other than it has the wrong date!