By-Tor's Battle - Version 2.01


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Media: 1 CDr
Time: 79:20
Catalog: Digital Reproductions, DR 32576-9
Source: Soundboard
Quality: EX-
Date: 10-25-76
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

Track Listing

Bastille Day  5:08
Anthem  5:04
Lakeside Park  4:20
2112   15:47
Fly By Night  2:04
In the Mood  3:02
Something for Nothing  3:51
Guitar and Drum Jam  3:10
In the End  6:42
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   12:11
Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo   14:32
Best I Can   3:22

and Reviews:

The Digital Dan:

Recorded live at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington on October 25, 1976.   This is a fine sounding live performance from the "AtWaS" tour.   This is a newer, lower gen source that has the complete performance this time including the famous "guitar & drum" jam. The sound is much improved, more open sounding with much clearer high end and lower tape hiss. The speed problem is also fixed on this release. This is one of those soundboards that needs to be played loud, very loud. I'm thinking this is a soundboard by the way the drums sound and the panning of the drum rolls. If it is an audience recording, it is one of the best audience recordings of all time for capturing stereo separation. This is the most devastatingly heavy Rush recording I've ever heard. They just don't sound like they are playing on this night, they sound like they're trying to bludgeon the audience!   Geddy's bass has a real growl to it tonight and Alex's guitar is about as full range as I've ever heard.  This is without a doubt my favorite show of the tour to listen. The energy and the power of the band is just incredible. A must have show.  Special thanks to Admiral Nelson for lending us his source to use for this production. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.