Black Forest


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Media: 2 CDr
Time: 68:06, 48:47
Catalog: Digital Reproductions  DR 52879
Source: Soundboard 
Quality: EX
Date: 05-28-79
Location: Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany


Track Listing

  1. Anthem  4:19

  2. A Passage To Bangkok   3:58

  3. By-Tor And The Snow Dog   5:42

  4. Xanadu   11:57

  5. *Something for Nothing   4:32*

  6. The Trees   4:59

  7. *Cygnus X-1  9:31*

  8. Hemispheres  19:47

  9. Closer to the Heart   3:21


  1. A Farewell to Kings  5:42

  2. La Villa Strangiato   10:40

  3. 2112    19:08

  4. Working Man (surf version)   3:38

  5. Bastille Day   1:39

  6. In the Mood   2:44

  7. Drum Solo   5:14


and Reviews:

The Digital Dan:

Taken from a newly obtained source and remastered for the best sound possible for this source.  A long hoarded recording that has taken many years to get out into the common trading circles.  It had been long rumored that the show existed, but no one would trade it unless you complete an obstacle course to get it.  Well the friends of Digital Reproductions came through again and acquired this magnificent source for every Rush fan to savor.  This show is the soundboard and not a broadcast performance as there are no DJ interruptions whatsoever.  And unlike the Tucson show, we finally have both a full show and an uncut version of Cygnus!  Well this sounds better than any currently produced commercial version of the Tucson '78 show save (A Desert Passage) and a bit better than Buenos Nochas! Motor City.  The source is extremely low gen, 1st gen for the majority of the show and 2nd gen for the Drum Solo.  Everything is crystal clear with very little tape hiss to be heard anywhere in the recording.  It is great to hear a fully uncut version of Cygnus X-1 and Hemispheres.  The boys sound great on this night, Geddy is hitting the high notes with Neil putting down a firm foundation for Alex's searing solo's.  The bass is really pronounced as is the high end, if not a bit bright. If you are a die hard Rush fan, you cannot be without this show. 

There is of course controversy with the setlist as some believe that it is incorrect. I have about 99% confidence now that the show never had SfN and CX1 even though sources very close to the band said that those songs were played that night. If you prefer the SfN and CX1 not being part of the setlist, simply extract all the audio tracks to your hard drive, delete the two tracks in question and re-burn the cdr.  The tracks will line up correctly and sound just like a continuous concert. The artworks for both versions of the show are located in the archives making the decision completely up to the individual.  As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, they are available for free-trade or blank media trades only.  If someone tries to sell it to you, you are being ripped off as any one of many Rush traders will gladly do it for free. 


Despite all the controversy over the setlist, this is a great show, period! The venue info has been updated to be Stadhalle in Offenbach, a small town just outside of Frankfurt. Geddy greets Frankfurt, but it's like calling Auburn Hills, Michigan...Detroit. The only negative point about this show is Geddy's vocals is shifted to the left channel. The origin of this show is quite convoluted and probably cannot be confirmed...nor denied. Enjoy this wonderful Rush. Do NOT pay money for a copy of this show, it is available via free trade. Contact the Webmaster for my email and I will personally see that you get a copy via a trade. (Mar 2000)


The sound quality is not official release quality but it is just about as good as the majority of bootlegs get, so, in other words, excellent. There is a bit too much treble and that’s just about it. There is a tiny weenie cut between “Xanadu” and “Something for Nothing”. What happens is the absolute second “Xanadu” ends “Something for Nothing” immediately begins, there is no pop or anything but it just doesn’t sound normal, probably because their isn’t ANY cheering and I when I say the second, I mean it! The performance is a good one. The great thing about this bootleg is the entire version of “Hemispheres”! I count three slightly noticeable “pops” in Cygnus-X-1, no big deal. One very good bootleg. No small detail but this contains my favorite version of “2112”. It particularly rocks the *!%& out of everyone on this night!