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Media: 2 CD
Time: 62:53, 63:18
Catalog: Oxygen (OXY 003/4) 
Source: Soundboard
Quality: EX+
Date: 01-30-92
Location: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA

Track Listing

Force Ten
Distant Early Warning
Time Stand Still
Roll the Bones
Show Don't Tell
The Big Money
Ghost of a Chance

The Pass
Where's My Thing?
The Rhythm Method
Closer to the Heart
Tom Sawyer
The Spirit of Radio
2112 Overture
Finding My Way
La Villa Strangiato
Red Barchetta
The Spirit of Radio

and Reviews:

Taken from the Great Rush Bootleg Series:

The single best sounding Rush bootleg. Too bad the show wasn’t as good as the recording! Rush are obviously going through the motions. This was to be Les Claypool’s (of Primus) tape, but some sneaky dude stole it and took off with it at the end of the show.  Good for us, but I feel sort of sorry for Les.

Taken from the Rush CD Bootleg List:

Someone else has finally pressed a copy of the Oakland 1992 soundboard. However, unlike most copies, this sounds better than the first "Rush 'N' Roulette '92" CD. The sound is clearer, the vocals more up-front. This is either a closer-to-master copy, or one that has been remastered. It is NOT a copy of the RNR92 cd, as the cds break in different places.  This has all the same tracks, and is essentially the same recording as RNR92. The medley, however, is a single track and not indexed individually as RNR92 is. The booklet is also superior, containing several live concert shots (mostly from "Hold Your Fire") and a copy of the Rush Tour Dates Listing (found elsewhere on this web site) "Roll The Bones" section.  It was obviously put together by someone who "cared", none of the tracks is mislabeled (and yes, they actually put "The Spirit Of Radio" INSTEAD of "Spirit of the Radio"!!).  If you thought RNR92 sounded good, wait till you hear this one! A definite MUST buy (you might want to get it even if you already have RNR92!). If you have a choice between the two cd's, my vote would have to be with Mirrors.

Taken from Ron's Rush ROIO Review:

This is widely regarded as the definitive Rush show -- the legendary Oakland performance. In my opinion, this was the last great tour, featuring a remarkably well-balanced set list. All the RTB songs come alive with extended solos, and long intros or outros. "Bravado" is most notable, with Alex delivering a truly inspired end solo. You can’t listen to the studio album quite the same way after this. This tour also has Neil’s best drum solo to date and the best closing medley, IMHO. A truly excellent soundboard recording. The balance and mix are almost perfect, and you could really believe that this is an official release. The flaws in Rush-n-Roulette ‘92 are corrected here -- there are NO dropouts at all. The sound is also better mixed. The bass on this one will shake your house at high volumes. This CD was obviously a labor of love by a true fan. The booklet has many pictures, and lists every date on the RTB tour. The inside of the CD case lists the dates of all previous tours. If you can find "Mirrors," get it. It is definitely better quality than RNR ‘92.

Bill Girton:

What a great show. The recording is superb from the first minute of the show to the last. Everything comes through great. To nit-pick a little, Geddy does very little audience interaction. Overall, one of the best sounding shows out there.

Mark Sorensen:

Subdivisions is played with incredible enthusiasm and sounds much heavier than on ASOH. Having not heard The Pass, Superconductor or Ghost Of A Chance live before, I was truly impressed by how much better these tracks sound live than from the studio. Or at least, the boys seem to breath life into them on stage. I also think that Geddy's voice is much stronger (faultless) than on 'Different Stages' - I can't really figure why Lee & Northfield didn't choose material from the RTBs tour. Anyway, for my first Rush BL - I am really impressed.

Dan The Analog Kid:

This is a great boot. The sound quality is excellent, the songs are great, no cuts! This is the only boot you need from the Roll The Bones Tour.