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Media: 2 CDr
Catalog: Sirius Records SIR0190/0191
Source: Audience  (2nd gen)
Quality: EX
Date: 03-24-86
Location: Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI 

Track Listing

The Spirit of Radio
The Big Money
New World Man
Manhattan Project
Middletown Dreams
Witch Hunt
Red Sector A
Closer to the Heart

The Trees
Mystic Rhythms
Distant Early Warning
Drum Solo
Red Lenses
Tom Sawyer
2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
Grand Designs
In the Mood

and Reviews:


Limited to 30 copies with original high-quality cover artwork and disc labels.   Available only by trade.  Sourced from a 2nd-generation tape.   The sound quality of this recording is so good, it's scary.  One of the few audience boots that truly deserves the "EX" rating.


everyone has a phobia of audience recordings and (for the most part) I understand completely and I have it as well. However this is different. This is a great audience recording the band is a bit distant, other than that its perfect. EVERYTHING comes through as clear as your ever going to hear from an audience DAT that suffers from no generational problems! All instruments are really distinct and clear and Geddy's voice NEVER EVER gets "buried", a real rarity in audience recordings. Everyone should have a copy of this show. The performance is one of the 2 or 3 best Rush performances ever I think!!! Never before have you heard a better version of "The Trees", NEVER!!! I promise you that. I had an orgasm listening to them slash their way threw the jam in the middle of it! Aside from the distant band sound there is not one thing wrong with this bootleg, nothing! The audience is only a factor between songs, and there is only once that you can here a guy say, "that f*****g sucked" in the beginning of "Marathon". I assume he was referring to the jam at the end of "Closer to the Heart" and he must have been sarcastic for god's sake! An interesting thing is that Alex suffers a string break in "YYZ" or something. He suddenly stops playing for about 30 seconds (misses a nice guitar part as well) and when his guitar "re-enters" he is greeted by a mass of applause. It is a lot more interesting then annoying. Especially if you have nice speakers to bring the band "up" I really, really, REALLY recommend this bootleg. I listen to this constantly. I LOVE THIS SHOW!