Pink Floyd - Stellar Symphony

Thanks to Digital Reproductions for this page

Recored live at the Boston Gardens in Boston, Mass. on June 18, 1975.  This is the best audience recording you will ever hear of Pink Floyd.  It is even more remarkable considering when it was recorded.  It litterally sounds as if the taper was on the stage!  Everything is clear and precise.  Unlike other versions of this show, this mix is nowhere near as harsh in the midrange.  And, it fits nicely on 2cds.  If you like the Shine On tour, you need this show!

Raving and Drooling  12:49
You've Gotta Be Crazy  14:35
Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5  12:09
Have a Cigar  4:29
Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-10  11:18  
Speak to Me  5:31
Breath  2:44
On the Run  4:41

Time  6:05
The Great Gig in the Sky  5:55
Money  7:50
Us and Them  7:28
Any Colour You Like  8:14
Brain Damage  3:47
Eclipse  3:11
Echoes  21:17