Radio City Music Hall

Thanks to Digital Reproductions for this page

    An incredible audience recording from the Radio City Music Hall on March 17, 1973.  This is the complete show including a complete performance of the Dark Side of the Moon suite.  Unfortunately there is a cut in Us and Them resulting in a much trunencated version.  The sound is amazing to say the least. The mix and dynamics would remind you of an old soundboard recording rather than an audience show.  Every once in a while you can hear the mic being hit or an audience member clap between songs.   There is some problems during the first part of the show where it seems to occasionally go mono when the rest of the recording is stereo.  It mainly plagues the first part of the concert and the very beginning of Any Colour You Like.  Also, this is the first time this recording has been mastered at the correct speed. All other versions had a problem with the second half of the show playing fast enough to make David Gilmour sound like a member of the Chipmunks! The speed on the first half of the concert was also correct, every so slightly. This is another must have recording of early Floyd material.

Obscured by Clouds  11:09
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun  12:17
Careful with that Axe, Eugene  12:49
Echoes  20:21

Speak to Me  2:22
Breathe  2:52
On the Run  5:32
Time  6:53
The Great Gig in the Sky  5:58
Money  5:47
Us and Them  2:35
Any Colour You Like  6:58
Brain Damage  3:42
Eclipse  1:44
One of These Days  7:55