Pink Floyd - In a Pig's Eye

Thanks to Digital Reproductions for this page

   An excellent audience recording from the Madison Square Gardens in New York City on July 2, 1977. The latter half of this concert has been around for a while, but it only included the SoYCD suite. This copy of the master tape perports to be the full show. The source definitely sounds clean enough to be a master clone and there are certain minor but consistent sonic anomalies throughout the show. This mastering is a bit brighter than the DFP release "Welcome to the Machine". An excellent show and sound as all the instruments are very clear and precise. A recording every Floyd fan should have.

Sheep 11:12
Pigs on the Wing pt1 1:25
Dogs 18:16
Pigs on the Wing pt2 2:36
Pigs on the Wing (3 Different Kinds) 19:14

Shine on You Crazy Diamond pt 1-5 13:43
Welcome to the Machine 8:31
Have a Cigar 5:55
Wish You Were Here 6:41
Shine on You Crazy Diamond pt 6-10 19:38
Money 10:29