Jethro Tull - Pile Of Bricks

Thanks to Digital Reproductions for this page

    Recorded live at the Sinjuku Hall in Japan in July of 1972.  This is an incredible performance of the entire Thick as a Brick album, at nearly 80 minutes long! Taken from a newer source, this production has better harmonics than my last production.  You will need a 80min cdr for this one as the first track is 78:04 long!  I didn't want to breakup the performance over two cdrs.  The rest of the performance is in the correct order as the new source was also longer.  Now the complete concert from start to finish is available.  Considering the era, the quality is nothing short of amazing.

Thick as a Brick  78:04
Thick as a Brick pt.1
Flute Solo
Thick as a Brick reprise
News Reports
Thick as a Brick pt.2
Drum Solo
Thick as a Brick reprise

Introduction  0:51
Cross Eyed Mary  2:53
A New Day Yesterday  12:41
Aqualung  8:38
Wind Up - Guitar Solo  15:13
Locomotive Breath  8:43
Wind Up reprise  2:27